Stronger than I thought

This morning as I was leaving for work, my daughter gave me a hug and said “Mom, you are the strongest person I know” That statement has been with me all day. When I asked her what made me the strongest person she knew she said that I go through so much pain and anguish … Read more…

New Challanges

Its starting tomorrow I wish it wasn’t so but I have to have courage to get up and go to face the new challenges that are placed in my life and have the faith I need to survive by Kimberly

Another Test

I saw you today you smiled at me and things started to seemed like they used to be I remembered a time when we were friends and we could talk for hours on end But i realize now It is all pretend the friendship we had finally came to an end and though I will … Read more…

You never knew

You never knew how much I loved you You never knew how much I cared   When I got close to telling you you ran away like you were scared you left me feeling much rejection You left me feeling so alone You left when I needed you most Now I wish you weren’t gone.

I loved You

I loved you but you didn’t love me I wanted your friendship but you just couldn’t see I cared for you but you didn’t know you left me but I wish it wasn’t so

Saturday Afternoon Relfections

It’s been kind of a rough day for my family today.  Alexander, my almost 14 year old, was having some issues.  He got angry because he was asked to do chores, he yelled and screamed, threw himself on the floor and then ended up leaving the house without a coat or socks and shoes. We … Read more…

The falling snow

Snow flakes Fall On my face In swirly flurries Of cold white lace The sky is white As far as the eye can see The air feels cool And crisp and clean My thoughts are swirling Like the snow And all anxieties Are starting to slow As I sit and watch The falling snow

Power Training

I started a new exercise class last night that kicked my butt!  It was taught by a personal trainer and it was a boot camp style vigorous work out with both cardio and weights .  I was proud of my hubby who usually won’t take these types of classes with me.  He has a lot … Read more…


I’ve been thinking a lot about what it is about me that makes it so hard for me to do certain things.  I have decided that I lack self confidence in so many different areas.  I am not sure how one improves their self confidence, Is it just by controlling thoughts and beliefs or is … Read more…

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