Getting Stronger


I have had many challenges in my life where I couldn’t understand why I had to go through it until after it was over and I was able to see how it made me stronger in some way. However, even knowing that there is probably some purpose for the suffering doesn’t make the challenge easier or in anyway more desirable.

I am going through just such a challenge in my life right now. it’s nothing huge but is causing me time for much reflection and melancholy as I try to process what it is exactly that I need to learn from this. It’s something that is making me question my own self worth.

I am probably over thinking and reading much more into it than I should as I tend to do in situations like this and I realize this to shall pass and it will be just a memory of a tough time. So why is it so hard to get through it when I know that it is not forever and that feelings will be less intense and easier to sort out in time?

Maybe it’s because I wanted so badly to succeed at something and I feel like it’s just another failure in my long string of failures. I guess I just need to remember that this is making me stronger!